Night Worms x Dark Matter Anthology : Public Submission

Submit here to be part of Dark Matter Magazine's upcoming horror anthology (to be published under our new trade publishing imprint), edited by Night Worms co-owners, Ashley Saywers and Sadie Hartmann.

From Sadie and Ashley:

We are looking for stories in the 2,000-4,000 word range, centered around one of our favorite sub-genres, Human Monsters. We enjoy twisty-turny, dark, psychological, thrilling, dangerous, menacing, gothic, strange, ugly, murderous, messed-up tales of people doing awful, no-good, very bad things to one another. We are not looking for anything cosmic, paranormal, science-fiction, cryptid/creature, or supernatural at this time. Just monsters in human skin please. Tell us what they do.

Word count: 2k-4k words, short fiction only

Payment: $0.08 per word paid at least 30 days prior to publication, or before October 1, 2022

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